Genetic and Cellular Engineering in Immunology and Regenerative Medicine
Ignacio Anegon
Team Leader

Director of Research INSERM

Director of Research 1st class INSERM

Co-leader of Team 2 “Gene and cell engineering in immunology and regenerative medicine”

Director Labex Immunology Graft Oncology (

Director Transgenesis Rat ImmunoPhenomic (TRIP) platform ( (IBiSA labeling, member of TEFOR and Celphedia French networks).

Director INSERM 1064-CRTI between 2008 and 2017.


Deputy Editor of Transplantation


Associate Editor of Frontiers in Translational Medicine

Associate Editor of Transgenic Research

Past Editor-in-Chief of Current Gene Therapy


Main areas of research:

Immune tolerance:

  • Long-standing and present focus on CD8+ Tregs and mediators of tolerance by these cells, such as IL-34. Implementation of methods for cell therapy with CD8+ Tregs.
  • Presently developing strategies to increase endogenous sources of Tregs through the use of anti-CD45RC MAbs depleting CD45RChigh Teff cells and sparing CD8+ and CD4+ CD45RClow Tregs.

Gene editing and gene transfer techniques:

  • Long lasting and present focus in the generation of genetically modified rats using ZFNs, TALENs and CRISPRs.
  • The use of viral gene transfer vectors for immune mediators.