Genetic and Cellular Engineering in Immunology and Regenerative Medicine
Thomas Fréour
Medical Attending

Assistant Professor
  • Leading research projects on human embryo development and pluripotency establishment
  • Leading clinical research projects on human infertility and ART
  • Head of the Art Centre of the University Hospital of Nantes (infertility workup, IVF, PGD, fertility preservation)
  • Teacher at the Faculty of Medicine of Nantes (embryology, physiology)




  • Characterize specific factors regulating the establishment of pluripotency in human embryos
  • Translational research program aiming at identifying innovative methods of embryo quality assessment, ultimately aiming at improving ART success rate and lowering medical, economical and psychological burden for patients.

Ethical aspects

Ethical aspects: The Agence de la Biomédecine (French medical ethical board) has approved the proposed research under approval numbers RE13-004, RE13-010 and RE15-018.